SPUD4 · 1st August · I POWERED UP 303.303 STEEM

Hi, friends: You know that I love Steem Community since the first time I saw it. (Maybe you don’t know because I think it’s the second time I said.) 😉 Therefore, I want to throw the house through the window making a powering up for 303.303 STEEM in the SUPD4, today August, 1.  Now here, … Leer más

I love Steemit so I have developed my own blog with steempress

Hi, Steemians: As it could not be less as a web designer, I decided to set up my own blog, based on Steempress, in a subdomain of my server. All this investment in time and money is simply because I love Steemit. I fell in love from the first moment, and not only for being … Leer más